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Friday, February 06, 2015

Yuckism and roses....

Depending on your viewpoint considering snow vs. roses, you can decide for yourself which part of this post falls under 'yuck'!!

First of all, this is the view out my studio window as of a few minutes ago...

If you embiggen the picture, I think you can see the BIG snowflakes that are falling (and have been for much of the afternoon).  See the build-up on my windowsill?

oh - and can you see a little mourning dove perched in the tree?  He's hard to spot!!

Meanwhile, inside, I have been continuing the work on my rose-themed hussif.  Remember my post of a few days ago where I showed you the free-standing rose?  Well, I wasn't happy with it so I've added a couple of rows of buttonhole lace (in two different shades of pink) around the outside of the petals and now I'm much happier. 

Above is the picture as it was the other day, and to the right is what I did today.  Perhaps you can't see why I would 'fix' it, but trust me, when you see the overall project I think you'll understand!

I've also made another little pocket for the 
inside of the hussif...

It's not a very great photo!  The roses were done using cross stitch on waste canvas.  The entire pocket measures approx. 5 x 4".

Today I give you a quote from Clarissa Pinkola Estes.... "I hope you will go out and let stories - that is life - happen to you and that you will work with these stories....water them with your blood and tears and your laughter til they bloom, til you yourself burst into bloom"


  1. You have a lovely blog. Some many pretties. Have a great day! Jo

  2. What a difference your extra stitching made on the rose! I wouldn't mind seeing some snow here but not as much as you have.

  3. Fantastic snow scene - the tree looks huge. I see the dove.

    Both versions of edging on the rose look lovely and the newest seam is pretty.

  4. You have lots of snow, we are having lots of rain with thunder!
    Stay warm.

  5. Glad to see you keeping busy and out of mischief.

  6. Oh yuck, mine is definitely for the big pile of snow, brrrrr. I can see why you commented on my blog that you're so ready for Spring! Here we have a mild winter this year. I love your rose and the addition of the pink edge makes it even more beautiful!

  7. Your snow looks beautiful to me and if you hadn't pointed out the dove I would have missed it.
    We are still waiting from some 'real' snow here in the Wash DC area.
    Lovely roses you're creating MA.
    Stay warm and cozy!

  8. Snow, snow go away...
    MA wants a sunny day.
    And me too!

  9. Snow...yuck:( We are supposed get more today. Lucky us.

    Your rose looks wonderful.

  10. Details make a world of difference sometimes! Your work is so lovely.
    More big snow coming this weekend in MA, they say. Just in time. The two feet already here may have been getting lonely.

  11. Your roses look lovely... can't wait to see the finished project! Hope you keep nice and warm in all that snow!! :) x

  12. Such a beautiful rose!

  13. I'm loving the roses theme. Great work on the lace edging, I like it better now too.
    I have to feel sorry for that poor dove and all the other birds there.

  14. Your roses are all lovely! The cross-stitched roses on the pocket are just gorgeous. I am sending some warm wishes your way!

  15. I certainly think the rose has been improved with the extra stitching to the edge. I'm enjoying visiting you and all the snow! We only have heavy frosts here is SW UK at present and I wouldn't begin to moan about how cold I feel because I am well aware it must be minimal to the temperatures you have. Gilli @ Tasty Textiles by Textile Cottage

  16. no yuk's here, your snow looks beautiful but I am glad it's yours and not mine and the rose? gorgeous, layer upon layer of beautifully soft cloth....

  17. Love, Love, Love the rose, the quote, the pocket! All good.


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