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Monday, February 09, 2015

New computers and roses (I hope!)

If you're here for the 'Grow Your Blog' party, my post is HERE

Well, the grand computer change-over of 2015 took place over the weekend and I'm now up and running on my new one...complete with a great deal of trepidation!  Windows 8.1 is a whole new learning curve!  So far I've managed not too badly (despite the great 'Skype Debacle Of Last Night' that we won't talk about, other than to say all's well that ends well - I think).  Today I put my brave face on and am attempting to load a picture onto my blog.

Here goes!!

Well, I'll be darned!!
It worked!!!
Sometimes I amaze myself.

Okay, now that we got that hurtle out of the way I can go on to tell you about a few things that I found interesting and thought you might too...

1.  Pam Kellogg has posted part one of her tutorial on using Broiderie Perse (sometimes spelled Broderie Purse) on her blog.  We're hoping that you might give it a try in your crazy quilting projects and share the results with us.  Go HERE to read the tutorial.

2.  For the crocheters among you (knitters would find this interesting as well I think) who enjoy doing things for charity, perhaps you might like to do THIS

3.  There's an excellent video tutorial HERE about how to clean your iron.  Further on this, I recently read a hint that you could use one of those Mr. Clean Magic Erasers, but I have yet to test it out.

Oh - and the photo above?  It's a pin keep that I made to include in my hussif.

Today the quote I'm giving you is from Susan Jeffers (and 'fits' what happened during the afore-mentioned 'Skype Debacle')...."Feel the fear, and do it anyway"


  1. Now that you've conquered your new computer, can you pop over here to fix my printer? just checkin' here.


  2. Love your rose pin! Very pretty and delicate.

  3. i went threw that last year and i like 8.1, my printer worked fine with it for 6 months and then said it wouldn't work with it so i had to buy a new one

  4. Thank you for the link to the broderie persé tutorial. I'm now following that blog so I won't miss anything!
    Good luck finding your way round Windows 8; after more than a year it still takes me by surprise now and then!

  5. I went and took a look at Pam's tutorial. I love that idea:)

    Awhile back you recommended a book for CQ. I wrote down the title but now I can't find it. I have a gift card for Chapters that needs to be spent.

  6. Thank you very much for sharing these links. I did get sidetracked however I always learn something new. Creative CQ Bliss...

  7. Windows 8.1 is a whole new ball of wax, isn't it?! I have only had my new laptop a few weeks and am slowly figuring it out. Perhaps by 2016 we will be pros?!

    The pin you made for your hussif is gorgeous!!!

  8. Before you know it you will be an old hand with Windows 8. I love broderie perse; thank you for the link. Your rose pin is lovely.

  9. You did it! We want details on the brand you chose.

  10. yay!!! Happy new computer :) x

  11. Love your pin. Hate windows 8. HATE. Luckily I had it at work before I retired. I bought a new computer before I retired and went for Win 7, though I must admit that knowing Win 8 helped me understand what apps are LOL. I hear that the next version Micro Soft will come out with is 10..something more like 7 and completely skipping 9. This techno is moving too fast for me!!
    xx, Carol

  12. Yes, happy new computer. Learning curves keep us young and flexible, right?

  13. I have windows 8, and it was a bit of a learning curve.....I wonder what's in that .1........Have fun the quote and your pin keep is so cute!


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