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Thursday, February 19, 2015

More on buttons and Broderie Perse

Carol asked me in the comments yesterday to share how I made the magnetic needle keep and then asked if the tutorial HERE was what I used.  Actually the tutorial she found is far better than the one I had seen (and have subsequently lost the link to).  So, if you'd like to make one this will tell you exactly how it's done. 

I purchased my coverable button kit at Fabricland, but I would assume that places like JoAnn's in the US would have them.  Mine were made by 'Unique.... H.A. Kidd' and measure approximately 2" across.  I have several different versions of coverable buttons and would recommend that you try to get the ones that have little 'teeth' in the back of the button top.  It makes holding the fabric in place SO much easier.   I bought Rare-Earth circular magnets from Lee Valley Tools here in Canada   3/8" diameter; 1/10" thickness (your local hardware store may have them as well).       I would highly recommend these magnets because they are very strong and will easily 'work' through the metal button cover and the fabric you use.  I'm not positive, but I would be suspicious that the cheap dollar store ones wouldn't be strong enough.  I used two magnets in my needle keep. 

I had taken a picture of the 'parts' to show you
but the pictures at the link above are
FAR better than mine so go and have
a look there.
~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Today the quote is from Anonymous....
The happiest business in all the world
is that of making friends,
And no investment on the street
pays larger dividends,
For life is more than stocks and bonds,
and love than rate percent,
And he who gives in friendship's name
shall reap what he has spent


  1. Now I'm wondering if I can combine trying out a Dorset button with using a magnetic material and making it a needle keeper...

  2. Yes, the day is sweeter when shared with a friend. Thank you for the tips on the magnetic needle button. Your rose cross stitch one is so pretty!

  3. Thanks for the information. As soon as I find magnets, I'm going to try it.
    xx, Carol

  4. Thanks for the link to the tutorial. I've added that to my list of possible projects.

  5. Lee Valley is a long-time favorite with me. So many wonderful tools and items, and I find it almost impossible to recycle their catalog covers, Do you remember the one with the carousel horses?

  6. Anonymous9:52 AM

    These are gorgeous MA. Got any tricks to keep the magnets from jumping together? LOL Wasn't that the main problem???? LOL Love the great colour of your rose too.
    aka Mrs Noofy

  7. You ladies amaze me with your gorgeous stitching, sewing and embroidery! I wish I paid more attention in Home Ec. class in middle school and high school!

  8. I use these magnets all the time. They are great.


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