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Friday, July 04, 2014

And the winner is......

But before we do that, I thought you'd like to see a couple of really cute pictures I came across...

I thought this flaked-out puppy was such a cutie!

And the eyes on this kitty - somehow they fit the hat!

I'm sorry that I don't know the source of either picture.  If you do, let me know and I'll be more than happy to give credit.

I just recently received a book I had ordered from HERE and I must say that I'm really happy with their service.  They are shipping from England and I got my books in a week, much faster than Amazon most times.  They're a bit cheaper too, at least on the books I got and they also have free worldwide shipping.  Pretty amazing.

Now to the winner.....hubby drew Carol of the blog Beads & Birds out of the hat (well, it was a margarine tub actually, but close enough).  Send me your snail mail addy Carol and I'll send you the doll of your choice.  Thanks for playing.


  1. congrats to Carol...and yes, Book Depository is a wonderful site and always free shipping.

  2. Congrats to Carol. I know I wrote a comment on that post but somehow it went missing. Hmmmmm.
    Thanks for the link, I'll go check it out. I too think the hat matches the cat's eyes.

  3. I don't trust that puppy at ALL. He's quietly eating the shoelaces while he's pretending to sleep..

  4. Yay Me!! I'm so happy to be the proud new owner of one of your dollies.

    Thanks for the link too.

  5. Oh, I forgot to say I love your new banner.

  6. Congrats Carol!
    Love the new header, MA.
    Cute photos.
    I order from the Book Depository, too, and I really like the fact that there's free shipping: I often send books to our daughter and family in Australia as gifts. I just received 2 Crewel books by Hazel Blomkamp!

  7. Thanks for the link I will check it out. Cute puppy and the cat's eyes are wild! Congratulations to Carol!

  8. Oh, Magpie!! I love the kitty pic... priceless!


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