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Tuesday, July 15, 2014

More mumblings of the site-full kind, and beauty too

Last night we had friends over for supper and they brought us these...

Absolutely gorgeous!

There are a couple more things I thought I'd tell you about, in case you'd like to have a look...

1.  I stumbled across the machine embroidery work of Alison Holt and have to say that I'm totally blown away.  Go HERE and you will see why!

2.  For several years now Karen of My Desert Cottage has been running a popular online studio tour called 'Where Bloggers Create'.  I actually took part one year (click on the 'studio tour' category in my side bar and I think you can see some pictures).  Anyway, if you are interested in peeking into where some very talented people create their art and finding ideas about how to spruce up your own creative space, go HERE.  You'll need more than one cuppa coffee to see them all!  And, if you really want to explore there are links to go and see the studios that were on the tour from previous years.

From Cullen Hightower..... "The prime of life is that fleeting time between green and over-ripe"


  1. Lovely flowers:)

    I have already visited a few studios on the envy at some spaces.

  2. Thanks for the links..... I'll just grab a cuppa coffee and a plate of chocolate biscuits, and I'll be on my way over there to browse the creative spaces.

  3. Lovely flowers, how thoughtful of them to bring must have served them a delicious meal!

  4. Gorgeous roses! Off to check out those links. Ta!

  5. Your right, her work is amazing!
    Love your new blog banner : 0

  6. lovely flowers Mary Anne....I bought a couple of those magazines when I was over your side of the world....made my little non studio look rather shoddy!


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