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Saturday, June 28, 2014


Vicki of 'Field Trips in Fiber' has been doing a Summer Vacation giveaway this week and has asked that we join in and have our own giveaway today.  I thought I'd take part and offer one of my little faux china-head dolls I posted about the other day.

You can choose either one with the blue skirt or the one in the middle and, in order to have your name entered you have to tell me what  your favourite thing to do in the summer is and why.  Get your comments in on this post and I will draw a name on July 4th. 

Quote for today, from George Horace Lorimer..... "It is good to have things that money can buy, but it is also good to check up once in awhile and be sure we have the things money can't buy"


  1. These little girls are so cute!

    Everything about summer is my favorite thing!! I think a most live traveling in the area to the local festivals and or trips to Lake Michigan.
    x, Carol

  2. Anonymous1:47 PM

    What a generous offer for a giveaway! Thank you.
    Favourite things in the summer? That's easy - sharing time with the people you love and just enjoying being with them.
    Best wishes, Val.

  3. Great idea! my total favorite thing to do in susmmer: sit on the patio surrounded by my houseplants and growing flowers, while I stitch and listen to a great book on audio.

  4. i love the blue one on the right. looks like she's reaching out for a hug. Summer is my least favorite season so it has to be being inside and stitching.
    funny that i'm having a giveaway on my blog as well so come on over.

  5. Favorite thing to do in the summer....EAT WATERMELON! Nothing better, I think I could live on them. Love your dolls!

  6. That's a nice giveaway MA.

  7. I love to sit in my garden and read and enjoy the peace in an otherwise busy life !

  8. What a fun giveaway. My fav summer event is camping in the ADK mts - 2nd choice is just sitting in my yard and doing nothing! I like the pettifore on the doll in the middle so she would be my choice. thanks for the chance!


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