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Friday, February 21, 2014

Seems like .....

....  I'm finished seaming!

Now it's on to filling in sections!!

And, from Fred Allen...
 "I like long walks, especially
when they are taken by people who
annoy me"


  1. I've been following along watching your beautiful seams developing. They are so colorful and beautifully stitched. I can't wait to see the entire project.

    Stay warm
    xx, Carol

  2. hahahhaha ....good one Magpie! I love it when the annoying take a hike too!

  3. Seams to me they are beautiful!

  4. Seams lovely,
    seams delightful,
    Seems Likely I'll be checking back later to see what all the seams are about! lol

  5. ha, yes....long walks off short piers!!! These are very rich, opulent!! beautiful....

  6. Beautiful seams you have created
    thanks for making me giggle with your quote MA

    oxo from snowy and cold Virginia


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