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Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Another section (or two)

Today I wanted to share another section on one of the crazy quilt purses....

This flower was worked using the waste canvas technique and fills a corner of one of the secions quite nicely.  I had to adapt the pattern so it did though.

I have shown this area before, but wanted to show you how I have added 'things'  around the image.  Here I have sewn on a section of a pair of earrings to the lower left of the image (never turn down broken pieces of jewelry because they are goldmines to add interest to your pieces).  On the lower right I have added three commercially-made flowers (originally sold as scrapbook supplies) topped with a sequin and bead.  You can also see another piece of jewelry right in the corner (part of a necklace).  A pair of side-cutters and some sandpaper are definitely something you will want to keep on hand to cut the metal of the jewelry and then sand off the rough edges so they don't become caught in your threads or wear a hole in your fabric over time.  I never use glue on my pieces because I feel that it is likely to let go over the years.  Everything I use is stitched down.

And from Francis Ford Coppola....  "I don't think there's any artist of any value who doesn't doubt what they're doing"


  1. Its coming along nicely. Lovely stitches and colorful. The jewel bits are a nice touch too.

  2. I'm really enjoying all the seam treatment pictures. Not sure if I'll ever make a crazy quilt but I do like looking at yours. Ah and the quotes have been fun to read.

  3. Great use of a broken bit of jewelry. I agree about gluing the item vs. stitching it down, that glue is sure to cause problems at some point.
    Your quote is interesting and I have an upcoming post about doubting yourself.

  4. What a delight it must be to see your creations in person...those lovely details begged to be touched as well as enjoying them visually!

    You are my kind of artist rescuing odd bits and giving them a new life MA...

    Very wise and accurate quote by FFCoppola too!


  5. Gorgeous!!!! I can't wait to see these all finished. How pretty!

  6. Looking good! I save broken jewelry and remaining one earrings, too. They come in handy.....


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