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Wednesday, February 19, 2014

A puzzlement, and more seams

I just got back from having lunch with friends and was gifted with a big bag full of lace and also this...

It's perhaps difficult to tell from this photo, but this is a rather giant roll of straight pins.  It measures about 5 inches across and the pins themselves are about an inch long.  My friend didn't remember where she got it, or what it would have been used for.  I have no clue either, but wonder if it wouldn't have fit into some sort of machine.  Either way it's a fascinating piece!

And, here's your latest 'dose'
of crazy quilt seaming...

"I have seen what a laugh can do.  It can transform
almost unbearable tears into something bearable,
even hopeful"
- Bob Hope


  1. Its obviously from a sewists gattling gun
    lace pins maybe?

  2. Yes I've seen pins like that before but that was years ago. My mum used to have a wholesale and retail fabric business. The pins were kept like that in the day to keep them clean and to keep their points sharp. We sold them to dress making establishments, tailors and theatrical costumers mainly.I don't think my mum ever sold them like that to her regular store front customers.

  3. I remember seeing straight pins, sold on lengths of paper. Perhaps around 6" long per package. Perhaps they were cut from a similar roll.

    Nice seams, as usual!

  4. oh dad was a sewer in the NYC garment district and we always had pins around like that. what you've got would probably be considered vintage now.

  5. Beautiful stitching. I know that I saw a roll of pins like that years ago, but I sure don't remember where. Interesting.

  6. I have a roll of those pins!

  7. That's a lotta pins! Love the turquoise and your seams.

  8. I like the gattling gun idea...can't you just see it?...stand back...
    rat-at-tat..tat.. all pinned !!

  9. Anonymous9:39 AM

    Holy crud are going to have to have a lot of pennys for that lady! There goes your Ramoli stash!!

    aka Mrs Noofy

  10. wow all those pins! I'm always losing needles and pins and my hubby says every time...''don't worry, I'll find it when I park my rear end on it!!'' bet your hubby is very afraid now...


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