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Monday, November 04, 2013

CQ progress, giftie, and freebie

Last week we had our monthly CQTeers meeting and, because it was Sue's birthday, I made her a little giftie.  Sue is a collector (and creator with) of paper, so this little 'piggy' bank seemed fitting somehow...

The image I used was one I found in a
bunch of old photographs - unfortunately
there was no name or date noted on it,
so I have no clue who it was. 
I have included the image below...
please feel free to use it for
your creations!

And, I did manage to get some more
stitching done on the crazy quilt purse
I'm working on....

This is just a simple little embroidery/button section.

Here I have added the pink
seam on the upper left...buttonhole
stitch and straight stitch. 
Also the section in the middle which
combines beads with some simple
stitches.  On the lower right
is another simple treatment but
I've used 'sparkly' thread in the

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  1. Wonderful photo. Thanks. Your stitches are so beautiful. I love crazy quilts although I've never made many, or stitched so many fancy stitches. Gorgeous MA!


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