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Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Autumn beauty!

Because I got nuttin'
on the stitchin' front...

I'm sending you off
to Pat's blog
so you can follow the link there
to see the most spectacular 
fall pictures.

and be prepared to be 
awed by what God can do!
(be sure you click the link on Pat's blog
and then, once you get there, be sure to
scroll down to see them all!)


  1. That pic of the poplars is a wonderful design for a future stitching..

  2. Don't you dare send me back down the rabbit hole again. I've just clawed my way back up! LOL!

  3. Thanks so much for that link. It was beautiful seeing each state. The photo in Texas at Caddo Lake is about 10 hours from me over in east Texas...I am here in south Texas. We don't get much autumn color changes down this far. Other pretty places in Texas are located in the central part like the hill country, such as Lost Maples State Park, but depends on the rain etc. But nothing like the northern states. Wow!

  4. Sometimes I feel like I get nothing done!


  5. wow thank you for the great link

  6. Beautiful...just beautiful!!! Happy fall to you! xo


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