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Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Have I mentioned how much......

I dislike winter???

This is what greeted my eyes when I opened the curtains
this morning.  

And it's still snowing.....


  1. It does seem inevitable that if you live in Canada, there will be winter! seen from afar, it looks nice.

  2. Wow and I was just on the phone with my dad in CA. He was complaining about the chilly days of around 50 degrees F until I told him about our little snow last week and 8 degrees F weather. Now I'm a bit abashed at complaining about that since today most of it finally melted away and we got to the high 50s temperature. Stay very, very warm my friend! Sounds like the perfect time to have hot toddys in front of the fireplace.

  3. Not my favourite event either! But it is pretty and kinda goes with all that white stuff you've been embroidering. LOL!

  4. Ya, but doesn't it LOOK pretty?!
    lol......i have snow, too.....

  5. Oh MA, I'm so sorry! We have that icky stuff too! Don't worry, Spring will come back in about 4 months! LOL!

    Hugs, Pam

  6. It looks beautiful lol but like you I can live without it - so a great excuse to hole up indoors gal!
    parcels posted xx

  7. I love winter...I love snow....but!!! I don't like driving in is soooo pretty though

  8. me least the snow is quite pretty, here in TO its dull, dreary and freeeeeeezing

  9. OMG MA it looks gorgeous!
    I would love to open my curtains to see this in Winter!!!
    I just don't want to get wet and cold and have to shovel snow!!!!!
    Stay warm and cosy with your stitching!


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