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Monday, November 11, 2013

Beavering away.....

Yes, I'm still working on the crazy quilt purse, but I'm getting almost to the end of the embellishments...

 The embroidered pattern to the left here is a design from 'Embroidered Memories' by Brian Haggard.  The pink 'flower' on the right came out of my imagination...simply split stitch for the stems, lazy daisy leaves, spider's web for the flower, with some additional French knots. 

Below is (out of focus a bit...sorry!) a couple of pre-made flowers and leaves, with the addition of a button and some beads & French knots.  To the right of that is a seam treatment....just cross stitches...simple!

The seam treatment to the right was done using the
wonderful stencils created by Sharon Boggon...chain stitch, lazy daisy stitches, and my favourite French knots.

It has occurred to me that some of you
might not know what a real Magpie looks like...


  1. I'm enjoying your CQ antics! How long until the piece is finished?

  2. Nice stitching! Looking forward to seeing the completed purse. We saw magpies when we went to Lake Louise.


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