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Friday, October 11, 2013

Beginnings and a seam, and another giggle

One of the things I showed the ladies at the embroidery workshop was a knot-less way to begin your thread and I thought perhaps some of you might find it interesting as well.  Go HERE for the simple instructions.

Today I didn't have too much time to do any stitching but I did manage this...

Just realized that it looks a little lo-sided in the picture, but it isn't in real life!   The stitch is a laced double pekinese and the instructions for it can be found on Sharon Boggon's site HERE.  Look for it in her stitch dictionary.

And, lastly, here's another giggle I found for you. 

This is what happens when somebody cuts down all the trees!


  1. Thank you for your lovely comment on my blog - my studio was just dull brown like and old shed for many years - but I decided to spend some pennies and get a man in to decorate it.

    It's about 18-20 feet wide and 14ft deep - and it's my personal little peaceful heaven. Mind you it is at the end of my garden so I can't always get to it in the winter with deep snow like last year

    Sorry that I havent been visiting your blog for a while - my dear husband has been very seriously ill but after major surgery he is on the mend thank goodness.

    I love your giggle posts tucked in with your carfty work - really making me giggle

  2. cute pic. I wonder how any photographer got all those dogs to sit so nicely in a line ~lol~

    Have a really good weekend.

  3. Must be the line for the ladies tree!

  4. that queue is so funny!!!


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