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Tuesday, October 22, 2013

A teeny little bit of stitching

Not much on the stitching front done around here the past few days, but I did finish these two little bits..

Above is one of the seam treatments from Pam Kellogg's book, along with a heart which was originally on a necklace found at the thrift store.

On the right is what seems to be a wooden button, but is made from a coconut shell.  The leopard is/was another piece of thrifted jewelry.


  1. The leopard adds such a neat touch!

  2. Great way to use bits and pieces from old jewellery!

  3. I like that seam treatment.
    The coconut shell is cute. I have some necklace pendants made from coconut shells. so light weight.

  4. That leopard is stunning, what a fab find!

  5. Bear with me while I ask: what's the context? I can't follow what you're about when you do this seam stitching, etc., probably because it's from a craft I know zero about? such as what? Please splain for those of us in the dark!


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