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Friday, October 18, 2013

Outside my window and an amazing tour

This was the view outside my window
earlier this evening...

The light was amazing.  We face east, so we don't get
really good sunset pictures as a rule.


AND - I want to send you over to visit Allie Aller's blog today to see her post about how they make those wonderful DMC threads we all like to play with.  Go HERE.


  1. gorgeous view....aren't the trees changing beautifully? It's the same here....autumn is well and truly taking hold.

  2. Beautiful colour and the river flowing down below. Very nice. Fall is the best.


  3. That's a stellar view! Love the gold- it seems to shimmer....

  4. Beautiful Autumn photos MA! And yes, I was just over at Allies blog. What a treat!!!

  5. Beautiful fall color. I don't see that much here. Trees are blooming here, like our wild olive, and kapok trees etc.


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