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Thursday, October 03, 2013

dismal amount of progress

Today was another of those days that I spent more time out than in, so therefore not much stitching was accomplished.  Actually I did more than I have to show you here, but tore it out because it looked awful.  So, two steps forward and one least I'm going in the right direction!

This was created using a pretty button and parts of
a thrifted necklace. 


  1. Yes, you're moving (slowly) in the right direction. Nevermind, keep on trucking.

  2. You will be amazed at what you have accomplished - a little at a time.

  3. Very pretty! I think the turquoise thread really shows off the jewelry components nicely. :-)

  4. Very Pretty!!

    You need to adopt my "Retirement Mantra". WHATEVER I DO TODAY IS ENOUGH. As the day flies by, I repeat it at the end of the afternoon.

    xx, Carol

  5. I really like your motif!

  6. Beautiful MA!
    I agree with Carol's mantra - but sadly it's not getting Jessie's Christmas stocking finished fast enough!!

    Enjoy your weekend

  7. All your stitching in this and previous posts is so pretty. I am always impressed by the things you do and how much you accomplish.

  8. Being outside more than inside is nice sometimes, especially during this time of year. :) You're little bit of stitching is really lovely!

  9. slow but wonderful.....that's OK by me!


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