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Thursday, September 26, 2013


First of all....a response to Heather M. who asked what size my faces I created yesterday....they range from about 2" for the biggest down to 1/2" for the smallest.  They are done with a mold that I *think* I got from Michaels several years ago.  btw Heather, I can't respond to you directly because you have your comments set to 'no reply'. 

Secondly....I'm beavering away on getting the 'stuff' I need ready to teach the embroidery workshop next month.  Thought I'd better be ahead of the game and not put myself into TOO much of a panic mode closer to the date.  I'm going to have enough trouble coping with the heebie-jeebies as it is!!

today I attempted to draw some
stitch diagrams in a large size.

Please do keep in mind that this gal 
can't draw to save her soul!!
 Here's a sample....

Yep, good thing they're not there to learn to draw!!


  1. Thanks Magpie. I don't know why it says no reply. I've changed it in the past, but I'm a Wordpress user so this blogger thing confuses me.

  2. Nope. I've gone over my Blogger profile and can't find where it says to change my reply options. However, my email address is on my profile. Thanks for the info, though.


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