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Thursday, July 04, 2013

We're b-aaaa-ck!!!

Yes, we're back and are slowly trying to return to normal.  It was a wonderful trip despite the rather rocky beginning we had.  We flew into Calgary just between two of the massive rainstorms that hit the area.  If you have been watching the news at all you will be well aware that the cities of Calgary and High River were devastated by massive flooding.  Fortunately our plane was able to land and wasn't diverted elsewhere and our #2 son and d-i-l were there to meet us.  We drove onwards to Canmore and got into our lodging at about midnight, just shortly before two massive mud/water slides closed down the roads in both directions from the town.  We were effectively marooned for four days. 

Above is a picture of the highway in one direction taken the following day.  If you embiggen the picture and look under the green sign on the left side you can see a car mired in the mud/water.  Some poor person lost their BMW.  Wonder how the driver got out?  The highway in the opposite direction looked just as bad. 

Having said that, we were very grateful that we were not in Calgary and that we arrived at a safe place and weren't in the middle of the mudslide when it happened.  Watching the news coverage of the devastation in High River and Calgary was absolutely heart-breaking and definitely left us in awe of the power of nature.

Over the next few posts I will show some other pictures of our trip as I slowly manage to get my creative grove back in gear.  Loved our trip, but glad to be home!


  1. Welcome home, safe and sound. Looking forward to hearing about the rest of your trip.

  2. Glad to hear you are home safe and sound.

  3. Holy Cow...thats some trip

  4. You are right about the incredible power of nature!!! No one could have prepared for this!! It is heart-wrenching to realize that people have lost everything!! Naptime Quilter is hosting "Just One Slab Quilts Recover Soutern Alberta" and anyone can send 'Slabs' to be made into quilts. Need more info, contact me or check Cheryl's blog.

  5. Welcome back! Glad all was/is well.

  6. Wow...that's something! Flooding water is so scary. Glad you're home safe and sound. xo

  7. hey ... you were right here ..... I'm so glad you were okay Magpie. You were in the worst area for the big slide for sure in was hit and miss as to who got flooded and who didn't. Luckily we are high enough we weren't affected...but, soooo may were and still are. Total disaster really.

    hugs V>


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