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Tuesday, July 23, 2013

A puzzlement...

Has anyone else had a problem posting comments to blogs from the  BlogLovin reader?  It seems to be about 60% chance of success with me at the moment and I can't figure out why.  It's a pain in the patuskus to have to go to each blog individually and open them so I can leave a comment.  I really do want my Google Reader back!!!


There was actually some progress in the
studio today.
(be still my beating heart!).

Won't mention that the 'progress' took the form
of filing and putting stuff into what passes as
their storage spot.

Progress is progress.


  1. It is a bit annoying but I found a simple soloution:
    Right click Post a Comment, click on Open link in new tab, then go to the new tab and leave your comment.

  2. I find that a bit of organizing precedes a frenzy of creating! so look out.

  3. comment problems are everywhere. If I reply to a comment on my typepad blog then MY comments go in spam!!! Go figure....cheek!

  4. Are you clicking on leave a comment and nothing happens? I've found with bloglovin that I get a bar near the top of the blog I'm reading with options to move to the next or previous blog and a choice to follow this blog (which I already do) with bloving. In the upper right corner of the bloglovin bar is an X and I have to click on it. then the blog reloads and I'm able to post a comment. It's a pain in the butt. Maybe that will help......

  5. I wonder where my comments have been going. Sending this with a cheery wave. Let's hope it finds the right blog.


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