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Friday, July 05, 2013

A few more holiday pictures....

 #2 son and d-i-l;  Jack and I - in Canmore, near where the mudslides were

Mountain view outside the place we were staying in Canmore.

Moraine Lake.  And yes, the water WAS that colour in real life!! 
We had climbed up quite high (rather scary for afraid-of-heights me!!).  Prior to this
we had visited Lake Louise which was also beautiful, but (in my mind) not
as nice as this place.

Emerald Lake.  Again the water was very green.  A very peaceful spot and SO beautiful!

We visited a local dairy for some of their ice cream and this was
my little friend.  They allowed you into the barn to pet the calves.


  1. Ooooh those lakes are such gorgeous colors. I could "eat" that sight up all day long. Looks like you had an amazing time.

  2. Your photos are just so beautiful! Those mountains are gorgeous. I wish I had that view in my backyard!... Your handsome son looks quite a lot like you. xo

  3. I've been to Lake Louise, Emerald and Moraine Lakes and remember how brilliant the water colour was. Bright turquoise to emerald. Lovely places.

  4. Hi Mary Anne,
    I have been so busy with my upcoming show I have had no fun time surfing...but here \I am at last...
    My goodness you certainly had a wonderful trip by the looks of it.. So glad you are safe and sound and home at last.. Calgary and surrounding areas certainly had a terrible time of it. Our daughter lives there and has friends in Canmore where she visits often.Thank heavens they were all safe during this devastating time.
    My show opening is on Sunday, so after that I can begin having some play time. We are going to be GREAT Grandparents in August, so I am now trying to get the baby a quilt finished... They know it is a girl so that makes it easier for me.
    Will have pictures later next week.

  5. Love those mountains. Lovely pics,

  6. OMG the color of that water is just gorgeous! And you are looking pretty gorgeous yourself MA.:)


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