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Monday, July 08, 2013

Too hot to

....more holiday pictures...

I actually saw a yarn bombing!
Had to take a picture just for proof.

Above and below are a couple of pictures of the mountains we were surrounded by.
They certainly make us feel VERY small!!

 The picture below was taken at the Butchart Gardens
in Victoria.  A beautiful place and amazing to know that
one family was responsible for it all and that it had originally 
been a limestone quarry.  The gardens were begun over 
a hundred years ago and they are still owned and operated
by the original family.


  1. Please say more about the yarn bombing. Where? who, if you know? why, what's the event around it. ETc.Etc. nosy posters need to know!

  2. Such gorgeous photos! That garden is so, so beautiful. The mountains...just amazing! xo

  3. wish my garden was so tidy. I tell people I like things to look natural, heh heh!

  4. I am so sorry I never made it to BC - especially Butchart Gardens.

    Beautiful scenery.

    By the way what is a "yarn bombing".



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