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Friday, April 26, 2013

Very weird - in more ways than one!

I have been struggling with trying to get Blog-grrrrr to load pictures and after much trial and error I have managed to get these two to work (I hope).  
Problem is - I have NO earthly idea of what I've done to get them here!!


Firstly - the second part of the 'weirdness' of this post....

What do you suppose this might be??

And, below is the picture I was trying to load yesterday.
Some of the goodies I might be including in
my black crazy quilt project.


Boud said...

It's a unicorn's foot. Clearly.

Suztats said...

I've been having problems with blog-grrrr (i like that!) too. It happened before, then cleared up, and now it seems the problem is back again. Frustrating.
As for the weird--I'm intrigued.

liniecat said...

a unicorns foot LOLOL love that comment!
a natty back scrubber I was thinking lol