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Tuesday, April 09, 2013

Points of the prairie sort - and swelled heads

Today, after a week of non-stitching activity around these parts, I managed to find some time to get back to working on my white cloth and these pictures show the results...

There's a section of seven prairie points on one of the outside edges of my cloth and I'm working at decorating them.  For those of you who might (key word is *might*!!) be interested, the stitches I've used here include the Pekinese; Pearl;  Up and Down Blanket; Basque; and Armenian Edging.

As for the swelled head part of this post, I was just at the local library and was stoked to find that my book was shown in a special 'local authors' display.  I was totally surprised and feel quite honoured.  For those of you that don't remember, I typed and had published the daily diary of my 3xgreat grandfather and gave a copy to the local library in case some poor soul might happen to be interested in reading it.  I'm currently working on the diaries of my 2xgreat uncle with the plan of having them published too. 


  1. Congrats for your writings. I know it must be very interesting. Do you sell the books?

  2. I love your stitching MA and especially that you mention which stitches - so now I can refer to my A-Z of Embroidery Stitches. Wouldn‘t you know it, both Armenian Edging and Basque stitch were not there…
    I do know they have published a second book #2 so they must be in that one but I'm not buying it!!!

    Hey, you’re so entitled to be a little swollen headed – how man y people have been published – WELL DONE MA!!!! I’m impressed.
    Much love and hugs
    Shane ♥
    PS Is the Armenian edging crocheted???

  3. Hi Mary Anne
    I just love those embroidered prairie points.
    Congrats on your publication being displayed in the local library.
    Nothing at all wrong with having a "swelled head" LOL!
    Just enjoy!

  4. Love the titivated prairie points! And kudos to you re the book. A swelled head is deserved. But, you'll still chat with us mere mortals, won't you?

  5. MA how wonderful!
    Am thrilled they too have seen the fascination within your family diary.
    Family historians will thank your cotton socks am sure!
    fab prairie points
    Maybe you could have the diaries printed up on 'Blurb' too, they may well sell to family History groups or clubs?

  6. the points look amazing!! Your cloth will be stunning....great news about the book too. Can you still get your clothes over that head?


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