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Wednesday, April 03, 2013

Interesting discussion...

There has been precious little in the way of stitching going on around here (too busy running the roads and doing other 'stuff' that needs doing).  So....

....instead of stitching, I thought you might find the discussion that's going on over at Mary Corbett's site about the pros and cons of the use of Pinterest to be of interest.  I have read a lot about it and much of what I've read has been negative, particularly when it comes to copyright infringement.  I enjoy looking at pin boards and find them very inspirational but have never signed up for my own.  I have even, in my poking about, seen where someone has kindly pinned one of my creations and have been quite thrilled.  Having said that, there IS (and should be) a point of etiquette that should be followed if you're planning to pin images that don't belong to you.  It is only right, and fair to all, if proper credit is given to the originator.  People must also respect notices on blogs that request that you don't pin their's only common courtesy. 

Anyway, go HERE to see the article that Mary wrote and also be sure to scroll down and read the discussion that's going on in the comments.  It's quite interesting!


  1. Sorry to disagree with you, but the whole Pinterest thing misses the point--the artist alone has the right, the exclusive right, to distribute images where and when they see fit. Links, credits and names do no good when permission is not asked or given, and when images are mis-attributed, used on spurious sites with no credit at all, and when people who don't want their work pinned get slagged. Google images now leads 80% of the time to pinhercrap rather than the artist, so how does the artist benefit?
    And if i hear one more spurious argument that i "shouldn't" post images or blog or use Flickr, i'll scream--*that* is my right: to post as well, since *i* am the one posting my own work.

  2. Thanks for allowing the comment MaryAnne :) I do believe both sides should be given voice.


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