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Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Online learning

Nothing to show you on the stitching front today, so I thought I'd point you in the direction of some really great on-line classes that you might be interested in knowing about (and signing up for!).

First of all, Karen Ruane (the teacher of the white cloth class I'm still working on) has two new classes on offer at the moment.  She is repeating her very successful Alchemy class and is introducing a new Lace class.  If I didn't have projects lined up (and crying for attention) I would be signing on for BOTH classes in a heartbeat.  Karen's work is absolutely stunning and she's a great teacher too.  Go HERE for more information and a short video about the Lace class. 

Sharon B (one of the most generous souls on the internet) also currently has two classes available... 'The Artist Studio Journal: A Designers Workhorse',  and  'Sumptuous Surface Embroidery'.  I've taken part in a couple of Sharon's online instructional projects and I can guarantee that you will enjoy her classes.  Go HERE for information.

Please do consider signing up for any of these classes!  (note - neither of these wonderful ladies has asked  that I post about them - it's just coming from a very satisfied former student).


  1. of these days, when I have 'spare' time.

  2. Hello ... so lovely to be in touch again and thank you for all the lovely comments left on my blog ... which is all feeling very new for me again after a long absence :o)

    I so wish I had time to play on these workshops ... they all sound great. Unfortunately, not enough time in the day for workshops on top ... but perhaps next year I may join in one or two just for fun

    both artists ... amazing work and fabulous workshops ... I am sure they will be thrilled to see your post !!

    love Carolyn xx

  3. No, MA! No, don't tempt me, please! I haven't got any time -- Argggh!

  4. thank you!!! The cheque is in the post!!!!!!


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