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Friday, May 11, 2012


After leaving my comfy-cozy bed this morning at the unheard of hour of 4:30 am  in order to pick up my S-I-L from her medical appointment, it was nice to spend the afternoon sitting with my stitching.  I completed the next block for my white project and right now it's damp stretching.  Thought I would show you a close-up of one area...

In the centre is a covered button that belonged to my grandmother I think. 

Perhaps if you click on the picture below you can get a sense of how big our baby crows are getting.  They're doing their flight exercises and it's getting harder and harder for them all to fit in the nest.  


  1. The embroidery is lovely and what a beautiful way of using the button.

    The little crows will soon be as big as their parents. Do they make a lot of noise?

  2. your stitching on this little sample is gorgeous as always. Crows were always a menace at our place back at Nanango, buy I do realise they have a place in the scheme of things. They are very intelligent.

  3. Hi, Mary Ann. A beautiful piece of embroidery. And bird watching is always fascinating!
    best, nadia

  4. I like crows, the Aussie crow makes such a haunting sound, does yours?

  5. Oh MA - what a treasure this is!
    Love that you have used a button that was your grandmothers - that makes it so special!

    This is beautiful stitching and all the little french knots - all exactly the same size!

    I can't wait to do Karen's class later in the year. I'm hoping to find an old piece of linen or suchlike at a Brocante when I'm in France!

    WOW - those baby crows must have doubled in size - take plenty of pics as they won't be in the nest for much longer!

    lovely to see you over at my place this morning - thank you!

  6. Dear Mary Anne I so love your pieces for your white cloth - it is looking just so gorgeous!
    It will be purely divine when completed.
    Thanks for your visit and lovely comment - You are always appreciated by me.
    Take care and keep watching those baby crows growing so quickly before your very eyes.

  7. beautiful white.....

  8. still marveling at your wonderful bird's eye view of the nesting crows!!!

    precious stitches surrounding that wonderful button...
    it takes a lot of convincing for me to believe getting up at o'dark in the morning is a good thing ;)
    what a nice SIL you are!

    I see that your Mother's Day was full of sweet surprises! and that heart shaped potato is a wonder
    (apologies for commenting on several blog posts in one comment...trying to conserve energy while recuperating!


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