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Monday, May 07, 2012


I've actually been doing some knitting, and some stitching....but I don't have a single thing ready to show you.  Our baby crows are now flexing their wings and looking very much like they might topple out of the nest as they balance precariously on the very edge.  The parent birds are certainly getting lots of exercise bringing them food.

Today I started another huge project I've been procrastinating on.  Some of the long-time readers of this blog might remember me typing and having published the daily diaries of my great great grandfather which I finished a couple of years ago.  Since then I've been mustering my courage to type the diaries of my great uncle (son of above-mentioned gr gr grandfather).  These start in 1899 and most probably run for between thirty and forty years.  Lots of typing!!  The current diarist is a whole lot more 'wordy' than the previous one so I think I might end up having to break them up into two books.  It's fascinating, but tedious to spend so much time typing!

what do you suppose this is?


  1. Looks like some bread dough in a heart shape??

  2. I love those pattern sites too! I haven't knit anything in months, though - I've been on an embroidery kick. For free knit lace patterns, I especially like this site:

    The baby crows in your previous post look so adorable!

  3. I too have been knitting and stitching , it's been nice. Is that a heart shaped loaf of bread?

  4. Did you find a heart shaped rock? (and I hope it's not an edible and I've offended you! LOL!)
    I know tons of folks that find them, and I have yet to find anything that looks like a heart---they just look like ROCKS.
    It is a wonderful project, putting those diaries into type, where they can be passed on. A lot of work, but will be worth it.
    A labor of love. ♥


  5. Looks to me like a heart potato.
    If you plant it, will it grow some love? lol
    Hope you're having a good week.

  6. Is it a heart shaped loaf waiting to be baked?

  7. How wonderful to be able to put the diaries into print ......... even if you do get a numb bum and traumatised fingers!!
    Will you place copies of them with a history unit so others could access them too?
    What a wonderful piece of personal social history to have in the family though.

  8. I say potato!!! But OK I have just read the answer!!!


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