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Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Sad day, and flowers

This morning we said goodbye to our #2 son and our daughter-in-love and they left to drive from Ontario to British Columbia where they will be taking up residence.  There were tears. 

We will miss them tremendously.

- - - - - - -

On a lighter note,
they gave me this....

.... a belated Mother's Day present.

Now I just have to read up on how to look after it!


  1. How very sad for you - will you be visiting them?

    Love the orchids. Just gorgeous.

  2. I know just how you feel. At least there is the internet with email and skype.
    Great excuse to travel...
    Lovely orchid. My DIL has had one for a couple of years and hasn't killed it. She does not have a green thumb.

  3. a beautiful white catleya orchid i think, that will keep you busy looking after it there.

  4. Beautiful gift for Mother's Day. It's great they got to come for a visit. None of my 3 were able to come, but I did get a phone call from each one. It made my day. And my husband got me flowers and a card that sings! Really cute. Hope you are doing well and savoring the day.

  5. O, so sad your visit is over. The orchid is lovely. I know several blog friends that have them. I have never owned or cared for one, but I am so sure you will learn how to keep it healthy. Great gift and very cute couple.
    xx, Carol;

  6. I understand how difficult it can be with children living so far away. DD went travelling and teaching, and hasn't been back for 4 years: she, her hubby, and our only grandchild live in Australia now.......
    Hope you have skype so you can keep in touch. We just had a system upgrade, so hope it can support the sound connection if not the visual.....

  7. Each day that passes is one day closer to seeing them again. I love orchids! They seem to last forever. I had one that had been blooming since October, I just cut the flower spike off the other day. I never have gotten one to rebloom, but maybe you will.

  8. I guess the bright side is that you will be taking a few trips to BC to see them!

    The orchid is very easy care, just basically enjoy the flowers, very little water needed, they're tough guys.

    Glad to see you back and posting again.

  9. Sadness and beauty in the same post.
    Just think of all the fun times you will have visiting BC.

    We have a nephew from Toronto who moved to BC single, met a gal and they are married with 2 children. His Mom lives in Barrie and makes it out there twice a year to see the Grandkids.

    With the internet and Skype it will be just like they are in Toronto.
    Just keep telling yourself that. Your orchid will look after itself.
    Just put it in good light (no sun) and water once a week to 10 days. Take it to the sink and let the water run through it until it runs out the bottom. That is what I do with all mine in Florida.



  10. awww those kinds of changes can be hard...thank goodness for technology making a wee bit easier to be in closer touch

    cute couple and thoughtful to give such a pretty gift!

  11. oh I little girl is miles away too....sad face here.


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