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Saturday, May 26, 2012

Sanity day

Yesterday we took what we call a 'sanity day' and got in the car and went where it took us.  We ended up in Parry Sound, but on the way we lucked out and found an absolutely beautiful water wall in a small town called Bala.  Needless to say we took lots of pictures!

 Above is where the water first began to drop from the top level.  The sound and fury of the water was incredible. Below you can see under the bridge through to the upper level.
 The picture above was taken facing downstream with the main highway bridge above.  We then crossed the bridge and got the photo below, which was the final level before reaching the lower lake. 

Bala is a very small town but their main claim to fame is for the Cranberry Festival they host in the fall.  We're hoping we'll be able to go back then.   All in all, a beautiful day!


  1. Nice day for a drive. Been to Bala - but it's been years and years ago. I hope you found a nice place to eat.

  2. This sounds like a great day out and beautiful pics.

  3. Hi MA ... another spot you might enjoy is the Locks at Kirkfield. It's pretty close to you. Incidental note ... Paul's Grandpa actually helped build the Lock!

    Haven't been to Bala ... but looks soooo lovely.

    Ontario ... yours to discover!
    I love it! Awesome place to live ... so glad I'm from here!

    Hugs ... Marie

  4. stunning pictures.....reminds me a little of some parts of the English Lake District.

  5. a cranberry festival sounds really special MA!

    I so enjoy the sound of rushing water and can almost 'hear' it in your lovely photos!


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