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Monday, February 20, 2012

Switching gears

Here's the latest bit I've done on my white project...

A friend gave me the mother of pearl (?) belt buckle and it worked perfectly to help ruche an old hankie.  Obviously this piece isn't done because it hasn't been stretched.

This morning I did the grand change in my studio and switched over to working with denim again.  It's not that I want to put my white work aside - far from it, however there are jackets needing to be done and I guess the paying jobs should come first.  I plan to put in as many hours as I can this week to see if I can get at least one done and a good start on another.  Such is the plan anyway!!

I've been meaning to mention to you that the newest issue of Pat Winter's Crazy Quilt Gatherings magazine is available now (mine is on order already).  Go HERE for further information. I already know it's gonna be good!


  1. I too have put aside the white cloth to work on other projects. I agree with you about the word verification thing....way too hard to read. I wish everyone would take it off and just use the comment moderation, if they are worried about spam comments.
    AGGG!!! It is on yours too!!!

  2. I see something lovely going on there!
    the new word verification is driving me crazy...if I don't get it right after 2 tries I give up.

  3. i've just switched off my word verif'n, totally sick of it and everyone else is too.

  4. jackets? jackets? fine excuse!!! Actually I agree, the paying job must come first and you will be all the more excited about the white when you have time to go back to it...

  5. I am so taken with your white just keeps getting lovelier and lovelier!

    OK I can do it...on to another double word verification...grumble grumble grumble !)$)*#)


  6. there wasn't any
    Woot Woot
    Thank you Mary Anne!

  7. You are doing some incredible work here! BTW, Ditto on the word verification!!!

  8. Hi Mary Ann. Like what you did with the belt buckle and hankie on your white work. As for the word verification--I totally agree, you said it perfectly.
    best, nadia


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