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Thursday, February 02, 2012

Beautiful warmth!!

Last night we visited with our friends and
were presented with handknitted sweaters.

Ginette knitted both of these and I
just HAVE to share how
beautiful they are!! 

This is mine.....

The second photo is more 'true' to the colour.

And this is Jacks....

Ginette certainly puts me to shame when it comes to knitting - her attention to detail and willingness to tackle even the most difficult patterns is a testament to her talent.  Not only does she do beautiful work, but she's fast too!!  
Saying 'thank you' for such a labour of love
is simply not enough.


  1. holey schmoley--those are incredible! Lucky you and WOW is she ever talented!

  2. These are wonderful. Its great to know there is such a talented knitter. Hope for the human race yet.

  3. gosh, i am speechless. absolutely monumental amount of work and so beautifully done.

  4. Does Ginette want another friend? Those are gorgeous - such talent.

  5. Those are both amazing MA - what a talented friend she is - lucky you!
    YOU are a very talented stitcher - as we all know from the beautiful work you show us from Karen's class!

    Shane x

  6. How nice! That's a wonderful friend.

  7. These sweaters set the bar pretty high for gift giving! they're works of art.

  8. Those 2 sweaters are a true gift from the heart. All the time and love that was poured into them....I am not sure how you say thank you for such a gift.

  9. WOW Ginette is an amazing knitter..I bow to her and you two are very lucky and warm too :)

  10. Oh my!!! Nordic lucky, lucky girl (and guy)!!


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