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Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Another block completed...

Here is the block I just finished last night.  The pocket will hold information about why the cloth was made and when just in case future generations might be interested.  My previous post showed a close-up of the pocket.

This is a closeup of the top of the block showing the little hexagons and lots of french knots.  I crocheted the 'flower' and added a vintage button for the centre.  You can also see some cross stitched hearts.


  1. I am so loving all you have done with this block.

  2. Love the pocket idea. It is really looking interesting.

  3. All the texture from your beautiful stitching really makes this piece. I'm sure future generations will love that you added the note in the pocket.

  4. MA this is the prettiest pocket I have seen. I like the way you put the lace piece under the flap.

    Beautiful block.

    Putting the info into the pocket for future is a great idea.



    ps - just posted my second one on my blog.

  5. Gosh thats beautiful! What a lovely idea youve come up with too.

  6. you are quiet? Stitching your fingers to the bone no doubt making more beautiful embroidery!!

  7. I'm absolutely loving this series of blocks! White on white & CQ's are a particular favourite of mine.......if you don't know what to do with it all when you're finished, you have my address. LOL! BTW, have you done any silk ribbon work on it yet?

  8. I've been way behind on my blog reading, but I now have... (drum roll)... HIGH SPEED INTERNET! Like the rest of the world.

    I love all the white blocks you're doing. And the info in the pocket is a perfect idea. Are you gonna make a quilt? If so, what size do you plan?


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