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Wednesday, February 08, 2012

mumblings, again.....

Not much stitching has been accomplished over the past couple of days so I really have nothing to show you.  However, I do have a few things you might be interested in having a look at...

1.  There is a tutorial on the Threads magazine site for some really pretty ribbon trim you might to include in your stitching projects.  Go HERE to see it.

2.  Have you heard of a type of whitework embroidery called either 'Chikankari' or 'Chikan'?  Go HERE to see it and if you'd like to try it, there's a free class being offered too. 

3.  If you'd like to see some crazy quilt eye candy, the Crazy Quilt Journal Project site is the place to go.  Have a look HERE (and be sure to scroll down and keep checking back for new postings). 

4.  Karen Ruane has posted about her newest on-line course called 'Extending Embellishment'  that will be starting soon.  I would dearly love to sign up, but I really do have to finish my current project before I take on anything else.  Go HERE to read all about her latest class. 

Hope you enjoy checking out the things I've found to mumble about.


  1. Have signed up for the free tutorial on Chikan embroidery, looks interesting. Also will have to have a go at the ribbon. Both perfect for white on white

  2. Thanks for the link MA!

  3. thanks for the of class is getting rather crowded but yes...I can be bought!!

  4. Are you signing up for the whitework class? I signed up. It was in my budget ;-D I can't wait! I am going to check out the Threads site now. Thanks for sharing. I didn't know they had one! Now, get to work (giggle)!


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