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Saturday, February 18, 2012

A slight rant -

Tonight I have been playing catch-up on some of the blogs I read and am giving up in complete and utter disgust.  WHAT is up with blog-grrrr anyway?  Why do some blogs who are set up for word verification suddenly require TWO words (or combination of letters/numbers)  and why does one of those words look so out of focus and nearly impossible to read???  AND, just to compound the issue....not all of the comments are requiring word verification at all and this is all happening on the same blog??? 

Why must they mess with what works perfectly well?


  1. testing to see if mine is messed up too....

  2. oh yes yours is, you just can't see it as blogger knows you. i'll tell you a secret, you don't always need BOTH words, i often just pick the easiest.

  3. deanna has removed her word verification as like you she has the "blog owner approval"

  4. Yes I've noticed that the word verification is getting harder to figure out. A lot of times it takes two or three times to get it right. Ugh! Yours has the two words too. (First time didn't work. Nor the second.)

  5. isn't it awful...think I am going blind. Often have to do it twice ( then I give up)

  6. yes.....not doing much for my composure either and on here I see two of the little blighters!! I have to ask for a different one all the time...they have made a huge mistake me thinks.

  7. Holy crap MA I can't even make head nor tail what the word is.
    Attempt no 2 coming up----

  8. I don't use word verification because so many of my readers couldn't navigate it at all, ages ago. I notice how much more difficult it's become now, too, with broken letters that could be any of several choices! since blogger has a very good spam catcher, I don't see the need for the word verif. now.

    And yes, yours has two illegible goes.

  9. I have blog owner approval and removed my word verification, yet again. (I did it once before and had so much spam I put it back on). You are so right about this new version being difficult to read. I didn't want to lose friends comments so yet again I removed it and am getting an astounding number of spammers.

    So...spammers...friend comments... Not a difficult choice for me.
    xx, Carol

  10. Kaite was right. I only entered one work and my comment went to you for approval.

    But not this time!
    Or this time either.

  11. As Sue would say " Oh noooo - not word verification. First time I've seen two on your blog. I'm trying just one to see if it works (as per KaiteM)
    OOps didn't work - will do again with both. Maybe I should get a life!

  12. Gosh didnt know you could remove the word verification.......noticed other blogs need 2 words myself and Ive had to rejig the word choices, so that I could leave a comment.....least we know its not our individual eyes , its the blummin system.......I blame the terrorists lol

  13. I have noticed this on other sites not just blogger, it took me 6 goes to verify my holiday on another site.
    I will try and just use one word, I tried it didn't work so will put both words in

  14. If you have comment moderation enabled, you can disable the word vert prompt.
    I'm looking at what I got, which is a piece of work....
    *complaints hentsct*
    Yeah, ya think we're complaining NOW????
    Just wait...


  15. I must go try my own. I just found this on the weekend and wondered why peopled were putting them on. Now I know they were not doing it themselves.

    My favorites all seem to have it.

    I will try the one word. Can't even read the other. Here goes.


  16. the new word verification is dreadful...came back from vacation and thought I hit the wrong button or something!

    this makes me sing WordPress' praises yet again...I never need word verification for my blog...WP catches SPAM beautifully

    I have noticed that I can type my best guess and it seems to be going thru...but shame on them for making life harder

    ranting right along with you MA

  17. I took the word verification off 'cause it bugged me to have to do it on other blogs. I didn't want people to stop commenting because of it so it seems that the spam filter is working.


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