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Thursday, February 09, 2012

and, now we have a whole!

...a completed pocket, that is!

Remember a couple of days ago I posted a picture of something
that was only a part of something else?

Well, here's the completed thing....
It's a pocket for my white cloth.

Inside I plan to put information about who did the cloth (me); who taught the class (Karen); and some further information about the origins of the white fabrics I have used. 

Who knows, the pocket might end up holding all sorts of things!!


  1. This piece takes my breath away M - EXQUISITE.
    So much detail with that mass of FK's and the underside of the pocket flap...... your beautiful M monogram - those shell buttons - I'm drooling here!!!
    Shane x

  2. utterly glorious

  3. Beautiful! While I'm at it...thanks for the link to Threads ribbon tut. It looks interesting and pretty.

  4. Lovely work. Intriguing idea to include historic info.

  5. Wonderful! Love the pocket, and a really neat idea to tuck the stitching info inside. Looks great!

  6. Oh that is just beautiful!!! You have been busy making gorgeous stuff. Hugs, Kim PS Thanks for dropping by, I have not been visiting blogs alot but I am back to see whats going on now. HUGS!

  7. how exciting!!! I am going in your pocket!!

  8. If only that little pocket could hold me! I would feel like a queen tucked inside all that beauty!

  9. Very pretty Mary Anne!


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