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Monday, June 27, 2011


Saturday was the wedding of our second son Shawn and his beautiful bride Winnie.  The weather cleared up just in time for the outdoor ceremony which was a huge relief.

My pictures really aren't the best because they were taken on the fly.  I know there are better ones coming from the official photographer but in the meantime I thought you might like to see these.

Shawn and Winnie chose to plant a tree to commemorate their wedding which was held at our friends three acre property in the country.  A tree seemed to be fitting,  Their cake was made of rice krispies held together by peanut butter and corn syrup (an old family recipe) and they cut it using the knife Jack and I used at our wedding almost 32 years ago.

Sorry the pictures aren't the best!


  1. And now you can relax.
    So glad that it all went off well.

  2. Well they are the BEST in my book! Planting a tree is so cool~~a breathing marker of their union, and I am ALL FOR the rice krispie cake! WHOOO--HOOOO!!!!
    They look like a lovely couple~~Congrats to you all ♥♥♥


  3. what a beautiful day... :D

  4. such a beautiful wedding, i love your pics they are honest.
    is that a blue spruce they planted, very long living.

  5. This is WONDERFUL!! SO glad the weather held for you. They look so adorable together...your son is SOOO tall!!!

    Didn't you stitch the purse for this? I can't even believe as the mother of the groom you were able to take ANY pictures!!! Congratulations Mom! And maybe some day you can tell us the story behind the rice krispie wedding cake....

    Family tradition?

  6. Congratulations of your son to his beautiful wife. A very handsome couple and I'm sure you all are thrilled. SO glad the weather behaved during the ceremony. Best wishes for the new Mr, and Mrs.
    Hugs and blessings,

  7. Congratulations! A beautiful couple.

  8. wonderful!!! I wish them every happiness x

  9. Anonymous10:13 AM

    Fabulous photos MA. OMG..rice krispie wedding cake..whoda thunk it! That's a first for me! LOL Totally unique...way to go you two. Many long and happy years.

  10. I wish both your sons and their wives many years of peace, good health and happiness.

  11. MA, what nice photos! And I loved that they planted a tree. Such a nice rememberence!

    Hugs, Pam

  12. The pictures are wonderful! thank you for sharing them. Gosh, she's glam! and he's pretty cool, sounds as if they had a lovely day, and I wish them, and you, happiness.

    I do like how you do simple and elegant weddings, beautiful and nothing overdone.

  13. Congratulations to the Happy couple. Looks like everything went very well - now you can fall apart. Just kidding but must be a relief to have both weddings over.

    We had 2 in one year and know it is stressful.



  14. What a lovely symbol to plant a tree for their wedding. May their love grow with the tree, may it spread with the tree canopy to enfold many others, and may there be many new branches!

  15. It looks as though it all went perfectly MA. Congratulations to the very happy Couple, and I love that Wedding Cake! Love the pic. of the peachey poppies too!

  16. Wow what a wonderful wedding full of symbolism and memories. What a great thing to plant the tree and watch it grow as their love does. using the knife from your wedding such a special touch. The bride was beautiful! And you were worried about rain!

  17. Hi MA ... so glad the weather was on their side ... they look so happy ... and a lovely thing to plant a tree ... which will grow with time ... just as love does!

    Best Wishes to thee two of them!

    Now my dear ... just breathe ... and relax before the big move!

    Love & Hugs ... Marie

  18. Brightest of Blessings to the precious new couple! They are cute and that cake must have been delicious...what a lot of Rice Crispies! :)
    We planted a tree when our youngest son was born...Love that idea very much!
    I can see anniversary photos next to that tree for many many years to come!

  19. Congrats to the Happy Couple!
    That's way cool that they chose to plant a tree commemorating their Big Day ... I can see that in years from now they'll be able to see the growth of the tree ... and their love ... maybe even sharing it with their children!

    Rice Crispie Cake ... not just for breakfast eh?

    Relax now my dear ... catch your breath ... then on to the next big adventure ... moving! Oh joy!

    Big Hugs ... Marie

  20. I keep coming back to look at the gorgeous wedding photos - so lovely to have the ceremony out doors and how proud you both must be after all your hard work.

  21. A wedding they will remember. I love the simplicity in making it there own. The tree planting, the rise krispie cake, etc. Just lovely and such a handsome couple.Now....exhale and enjoy.


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