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Monday, June 06, 2011

Anneelaw is home!

Do you remember this?
Several months ago I sent this metal and glass contraption out into the world in the hopes that my creative friends would be able to turn it into a doll.  The base as shown here is made from parts of an old table lamp.  Our challenge was to create a portion of a doll (for instance, a head and the torso) but not a complete body.  As the doll traveled to the different artists in the group it was up to them to add the body parts (or not, depending on their whim).  I am absolutely blown away by what has come home to me!!

Isn't she incredible? 
To say that the artists in this collaboration
are talented has to be an understatement!

Would you believe that she was even outfitted with a light in order to keep her true to her roots?  She is most definitely a society gal out for afternoon tea with her friends (or is she perhaps on her own and looking for a man??).  

My thanks to the artists who contributed so brilliantly - Gail (our fearless leader); Arlee, Amy, Robyn, Talitha and Yvonne.  Please be sure to go to our group blog to see all the other wonderful dolls that were created.  All of them are spectacular!  

Tomorrow I will post pictures of her travel journal...stay tuned!


  1. Wow! That is amazing!

  2. I want her hat!!!
    If it disappears, just sayin'.....don't look this way! ;-D
    It is AMAZING how your piece changed! I remember when you sent it out, and I wasn't sure what would be done~~~magic I think!


  3. Anneelaw is a work of art and out of this world with imagination! Wow the fantastic minds that can come up with this!

  4. Wow!! She looks wonderful!!I am awestruck at the creativity of the people involved.

  5. oh she is classy!!

  6. Who would have thought?! What a fun piece. I love projects where you take something and pass it for others to add their signature. Our art department used to pass things between designers and we could watch things as they evolved. It was so much fun.

  7. What a terrific idea! and it must have been a ton of fun to unwrap her and see what the group had wrought! great stuff, thanks so much for the series of pix about her.

  8. My Oh MY! What can I say except that. Your girls worked magic.
    You are a wonderful group.




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