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Tuesday, July 12, 2011

The ups and downs of real estate...and other mumblings

No, the reports of my having skipped the country are grossly exaggerated! 

The past week has been an interesting one on the home front.  After almost two months of having our house on the market and numerous (over 30 at last count) showings, we decided it was time to lower our price.  That promptly brought a couple of people out of the woodwork and we got two offers.   We accepted one which was conditional upon the buyers selling their house (which had an offer on the table awaiting approval of financing).  The real estate agent for our buyers was quite confident that deal would be approved with no problems.  We agreed upon a week to remove the conditions...which was today.  (The other offer wasn't a consideration because it was dependent on their selling their house, which hadn't even been listed yet). 

Unfortunately our buyers weren't able to sell their house, so we are assuming our deal is off as well.  We haven't heard anything directly from our real estate agent so I guess we shouldn't be certain that we're back to square one, but I have a strong suspicion that's where we're at.  Need I say how tedious it's getting to have to live in a spic and span house 24-7??  Oh yeah, and how expensive it is to maintain both a house AND an apartment at the same time?    It was a gamble we took and it appears quite possible that we are going to live to regret our decision. 

I really NEED to get busy on something creative but I  don't want to haul out my crafting 'stuff' in order to work on anything.  I'm a totally messy creator at the best of times and I just know that the minute I start into anything will be the minute the phone will ring and somebody will want to see the house.  That's Murphy's Law, right?  I have several denim jackets I need to be working on but I  end up dumping out all my big plastic totes full of denim in order to pick out the colours I need to work with.  The mess is horrendous and there's no way I would ask any prospective buyer to have to wade through the debris!!  Shoehorning my denim collection back into said totes is not an easy task so it can't be done quickly.

Another sidenote that I found rather entertaining or odd, depending on how you want to look at it.  Last week we had a gentleman in a pickup truck pull into our driveway and start walking around the front yard without so much as asking permission.  I know the gardens are interesting for some people and we have had knocks at the door wanting to know if it would be okay if they looked around.  Anyway, this man finally wandered back to where I was working and said what a nice place we had.  I thought he was interested in the flowers and such so told him he was welcome to look around the back yard too.  Three days later I went upstairs to discover a truck backed up to our garage door (it's not an easy feat to back a truck into our driveway) and that the same man was back...along with a woman (his wife???) and they were busily inspecting our back yard.  Now wouldn't you think it would be proper to at least ask the homeowners permission before you wander around?  When last I heard, I thought that was classified as trespassing??  We think he might be interested in buying the place, but you would think he would approach the real estate people and not assume he could look around as he pleased.   Very odd!

And, just so you know,
us Canadians do things quite differently from
most parts of the world.

No moving vans for us, especially when you
have a son willing to trundle a
freezer down the sidewalk
on a trolley.



  1. Sorry to hear about your house selling dilemma. What about doing a bit of crazy quilting? Just a small table runner to keep you busy and sane.

  2. Keep an eye on the people wandering around the house!
    When we had our old house on the market, we had a couple come and ask to see it. I knew it was beyond their means, but showed it due to the historic value.
    Well, they put in offers, pestered us nonstop and finally, I had to tell them to get the H*LL off the property or the next step would be the Marshall.
    Turns out the guy was unemployed and the woman a stripper.....only me! LOL!!!
    Those real estate agents need to EARN THEIR MONEY, and they can deal with the odd-balls.


  3. You've had quite the week.
    Very stressful keeping a place spic and span...oh and putting up with strange men wandering around the place. Keep an eye out for him.
    Nail biting times.

  4. Well goodness. I hope it sells and how odd the man and then the man and his wife. Kim xx

  5. Sounds to me as if you need to move your crafting stuff to the apartment and work there! if the real estate people are calling you on your cell, you can be reached. And if they want to show the place, they don't usually want the owners there anyway....I'm just sayin....

  6. You must be a pretty laid back person. I would have been pleasantly asking this guy what the heck he was doing wandering around my house, especially when he came back with reinforcements! ~lol~

    Good luck selling. I know what you mean about this entire post.

  7. Mary Anne, tie a big dog up to your garden gateway, that man will return in the night to dig up your plants - i've seen it done!!! a whole front garden removed in the night!

  8. oh no! such a nightmare about the sale. I am hoping the man with no manners really wants to buy it....charge him extra for being so rude!!

  9. I'd haul the denim bags out because(like you said) as soon as you do someone will want to come and look and if it works well that's a good thing.
    Anyway a craft room is supposed to be messy.
    Did you see where I won one of Karen's lovely paper embroideries---yippee.

  10. Anonymous11:54 AM

    Maybe the guy and his wife thinks he can offer cash dollars without paying the real estate guy. Who knows what people are thinking? Good luck with all that mess. I know how frustrating selling a house can be...just ask.
    Mrs Noofy

  11. I hope the sale of your home goes through. It is so tough living clean when you are a crafter, as you said. I'll keep my fingers crossed for you. The whole thing with the man and truck sounds strange and inconsiderate. Take care and hang in there! Connie

  12. Ive seen stranger sights in my day MA. If you can move it that way why not.

    My daughter moved into her new house and left half of her furniture in her old house to make it look lived in. They have had it on the market since Jan. and no offers yet. The market is terrible down here and they have reduced it twice plus it was abou 200,000. less then it was worth 2-3 years ago. They may end up renting it out.

    Maybe the gal that suggested using your new apt. was right. Move some of your stuff and your machine over there and at least you can be doing something you like. Easier on the nerves.



  13. I tried to comment yesterday and couldn't. The house next door is for sale. Over the weekend while the neighbors were away. A couple decided they would stop and look at the house. The lady fell and broke her hip. They are demanding my neighbors pay her medical bills and for her pain and suffering. They were not invited and no one knew they were coming. Tresspassing comes to mind....Tell those people in your yard to move on! If they really want to see a house ask the real estate agent to set up a showing.

  14. I feel your pain. We have uprooted our family 4 times and moved across the country. It was very hard waiting for that next showing and loading up the little ones to drive around for hours and hours. And, so hard to keep the house spic and span.

    Beware of the man.


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