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Monday, June 13, 2011

Oh drat!!!

I am SO very sorry Yvonne that your  pages didn't show up when I posted Anneelaws journal.  I don't know WHY they aren't there because I distinctly remember posting them.  Argh!!  I just went in and tried to edit that post to add the pictures and they still wouldn't take.

I will try to repost and hopefully it will work, but in the
meantime, here they are,
with apologies to Yvonne.


  1. It's just Blogger acting up.
    I tried to edit some photos on a post the other day and had to shut the whole thing down then start over......grrrrrr.......
    You're in good (or not so good! LOL!) company!!!


  2. That's okay MA, I just wanted to be sure they made it. I figured it was something Blogger did as I know that Gail would've sent everything on. I hadn't been to the group blog yet to see your post. Thanks for the update. :)

  3. I'm glad you succeeded in getting the pages to show, because they're lovely.

    Blogger is a weird little animal. Sometimes it posts my pix four times, and I have to do a lot of deleting, sometimes it crosses its little keys and says no, shan't, and won't post them at all.

    But at least my comments that vanished during the Big Outage have now reappeared. I thought they were gone forever.


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