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Saturday, June 11, 2011

Time for a giveaway!

It's been awhile since I've had a giveaway and, because I'm downsizing, I've decided that this time perhaps you'd like a chance to win one of my dolls.  I won't be able to take all my dolls to the apartment so this one is on the chopping block.  She's approximately 20 inches tall and comes complete with a wooden rocking chair. 

If you think you would like this doll to come to live with you, please leave a comment (on this post only) telling me why.  I will make the draw one week from today (June 18th). 


  1. she will love it at my house although I sense she may be a bit naughty so I will have to keep her away from my white things,..
    and the's online so you can read it for free. I will link when it's up, 1st august I think. x

  2. Too expensive to post Downunder, so i'm just commenting on her being a very calm soothing person, who doesn't deserve to be "on the chopping block". :)

  3. Since it's my birthday and a gal can never have enough dolls, put me into the draw, by gum!

  4. I would LOVE a chance to win this doll! I have a couple of your small art dolls we've done in swaps, but it would be a treat indeed to have one of your larger art dolls to keep them company and brighten up my (hopefully soon) crafty/studio room we'll be starting painting in the next week or so!

  5. This doll would love to sit beside my antique toy sewing machine. Maybe she could secretly sew herself new outfits at night when nobody is watching...

  6. Say it ain't so....this lovely girl is on the chopping block!?!?
    Of course she could come and live with me! I have my youngest daughter heading off to college this fall. My DH and I are already dreading the empty nest. Maybe this girl could fill the void! Well, maybe not, but she would be a welcome addition to my shelf of special dollies!

  7. Hi MA ... sad that this lovely won't be able to fit into your new place ... she's more than welcome here ... as the only move I'm contemplating is dependant on winning the lottery! ... and well ... as that is a miniscule possibility ... she'd have nothing to worry about! Heck ... I'll even come fetch her in person!

    Hugs ... Marie

  8. Oh thanks so much... I would love to have her so a little piece of you would live in my craft room.. I'd be crafting with you daily then.. :D and I want to save her fromt he chopping

  9. Darn, I almost missed this post!She needs to come live in my studio...well, ...because. LOL!
    We would get along great and she would jazz up the place. Take care, Connie

  10. She emailed me and asked if she could live with me in Indiana because she knows I have a studio doll from AU to keep her company and that she can visit you anytime via blogging :-)
    Even if she doesn't get to visit me, I'm happy she will be safe wherever she goes.

  11. Thanks for picking my name! I'll be waiting to meet her. I hope this strike is over soon. I'm waiting for a couple of other things too.


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