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Monday, June 07, 2010

------THREE MORE!!!!------
 Difficult as it is to believe these roses came from the same bush.  The one on the left is very closely petaled and has very little scent.  The other flower is highly scented and has a lot fewer petals.  The entire bush is like that.  Its one of our scrounged plants, so who knows what the origin might be.
 I spent most of today putzing around with this prototype for a wallet I'm trying to put together using several ideas I like from several other patterns.  I can't seem to find one that has all the features I want, so I have finally resorted to more or less designing my own.  It's definitely a work in progress at the moment! Yet one more use for recycled denim.


  1. That is amazing with the roses; it almost looks like one was hybridized off of the older stock and something slipped *back* to the original bloom!
    I have some variations on my old roses but not that much.....would be interesting to know the history.... :)


  2. Interesting flowers and the wallet looks like it will be great...maybe you should patent? your pattern/design.

  3. I can almost smell these lovely Roses...your wallet will be lovely! Hugs.

  4. The rose on the right looks exactly like my heirloom rose and is also highly scented. How strange they both came from the same bush.
    I loved my surprise goodies, thank you so much for making my day.


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