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Thursday, June 03, 2010

Shudayra has returned home!!

..........FOUR MORE!!!!..........
Remember this doll?  She left me to travel the United States and Canada a year ago.  In the meantime she has visited many places and just today has returned to me...beautiful and totally amazing.  I sent her on her journey looking like the picture above...naked, faceless and without character.

Here she is now...................

Isn't she spectacular?  I know there are better words than that to describe her, but my mind is too overwhelmed to think of any.  To say I love her is an understatement!  Thank you SO very much to Gail (our every sense of the word...leader); Barb; Jeanne; Em; Yvonne; Karma; Robyn; and Susan (who, although unable to participate in the group, was cheering us on).  

There will be more detailed pictures later when my hands stop shaking long enough to take them!


  1. Dont take the pics until I give you your new camera..

  2. What a change and what fun it was to work on her MA. I am anxiously awaiting my doll's return. This project has been wonderful! Best of all I got to know some very talented artists such as yourself.

  3. Amazing....I would never have guessed it was the same piece!!!
    How fun!! :)


  4. MA I can understand your feelings ! She's just wonderful ! You've been very lucky with your group, in my experience these things work best when everyone at least talks openly when there's a problem, doesn't always happen. Well done everyone in the group !!! I'm sure she'll have pride of place at home.
    Christine in Sydney

  5. now that's one powerful little woman! love all the unique but unified touches--well done all!

  6. I came, I saw, I commented. Glad she's home :o)

  7. amazing transformation, congratulations everyone...k.
    ps: the word is oadol - say that slowly...

  8. She is absolutely fabulous. What a great transformation!

  9. She turned out so wonderful! What a talented group, I've loved seeing how the dolls have been turning out.

    Love the blank form you started with, neat doll shape and just oozing possibilities! That would be fun project some time.

  10. Well MA she comes riding home on her horse like the Queen she is. I still think you gals should talk to the Stampington people and have an article published about the dolls. You could all probably write a book showing the start to the finish of each doll. Will look forward to seeing all of them when finished.

    She is gorgeous.




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