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Saturday, June 19, 2010

New toy!

We did some yard sales this morning and managed to find a few things that we couldn't live without.  Splurged and spent a whole quarter on three rusty baking pans which will be perfect for use when I get back into doing some rusted fabric experiments.  Jack got a great heavy duty broom to sweep out the garage.  And then.....

.................... I SAW THIS!!...............

Five whole dollars, complete with carrying case.  And, wonder of wonders, it works perfectly!!  I don't NEED another sewing machine but oh how I WANTED it.  I was quite willing to walk away but Jack reached in his pocket and the rest is history.  Now it's mine, mine, all mine and I love it!  For a little machine it weighs a ton.  It even has the original manual with it, which is another bonus...printed in 1958.  There were no attachments with it, but I have some from an old machine my mother had so hopefully they might fit it. 

Did I get a treasure?


  1. You got a treasure from the retro look alone!
    I am sure the old green box of Singer attachments will work; I used Mom's from a machine from the 40's on my Singer I had in the 70's. (and the attachments were better built than that machine!) Be interesting to see how it feels when you take it for a test drive!
    YAY M.A.!!!


  2. Very cool MA. I would love it even if it didn't work! Just like I love old typewriters sitting in my office, I love old sewing machines sitting in my sewing room. They just look cool! Even better that it works! You did good!

  3. Yes you did get a treasure! At a bargain price, no less!!! Those old Singers just keep on tickin'.....Now what are you going to make on it? If they sold it to you for $5, then I think a good cleaning and oiling is in order.

  4. It is a treasure indeed. I couldn't have left it there either!

  5. What a lucky duck and such a nice hubby who understands - even if you didnt' need it.

  6. OMG I am SURE that's the model i learned on, that my mom i think still has!!! Does it have the old cams?
    What a deal/steal--i'd have fought you for that one :)

  7. does it have a name Mary Anne? it looks very clean and tidy, not wrecked at all...k.

  8. i think my grandmother had a sewing machine like that...just looking at it brings back memories. what a great find-- congrats!

  9. I would say any of the old Singer feet will fit it MA.
    Unlike Berninas who change the foot shank style everytime they bring out a new machine-the Singers mostly have not changed.
    It looks a dream and I bet it sews like a dream as well.

  10. What a find!!!!! I adore it's lovely colour! You hit the treasure jack pot my friend with this one....have a blessed day. xox

  11. You did indeed MA! It's gorgeous, it's wonderful and it's fun and how nice of Jack to buy it for you! I love the color! My electric machine is old too. It was my grandma's. Late 50's/early 60's. Still sews like a dream! I use it for finishing. I use my treadle machine for piecing. It's so much fun to have more than 1 sewing machine!


  12. thank you for old sewing machines.. glad we connected.

  13. You sure did get a bargain. Even if you just sit and look at it for $5.00 you willl feel like a million.

    I know that the old machines actually make a better straight stitch then all the newer, computerized ones do. At least in my opinion. When I am doing only straight sewing I use my old featherweight built before the war (WW11).



  14. Love your flower photos! And WHAT A FIND at the sale -- lucky you! Thanks for stopping by my blog and leaving a nice note. Its fun.......

  15. Anonymous11:19 AM

    Bargain??? Do fat dogs flatulate? What a deal...lucky dog. I can hardly wait to see it!!
    Mrs Noofy

  16. YES you got a treasure ! I love the color too.

  17. What a sweet machine...the year I was born too! I bet it sews like a charm!

  18. You certainly did! And, it is my favorite color =)
    Thanks for stopping by~

  19. What a terrific find! I am jealous! It looks like it is in mint condition! Thanks for stopping by and leaving a comment on my site. I really appreciate it.
    Queen Bee Studio

  20. What a beauty!!!!!!!!

    Your home ec teacher would be envious once again!

    Thanks so much for your fun comments!

    So happy to meet you!

    Oliver says"Hi!"

    love, kelee

  21. What a beauty! From the color, right down to the size, she's first rate. A new machine is wonderful, but there's just something special about sewing on a machine with a past...

    Best Wishes,

  22. What a great find for $5! Mine is about two models after that, I think, and I love my Singer. Only does straight stitch and zig zag, but it's never let me down in the 50 years I've had it. Haven't changed the needle for a few years that will bother a few people, I bet! All the experts say you should change a needle every 100 hours, or something. Well, I'm not counting hours, for goodness sake!

  23. Of course you couldn't leave it! Well done on the find.

  24. Hi What a great deal you found there, a great Hubby too! I see you are from Canada and I wanted to thank you for your visit to my blog,! Just wanted to let you know I'm a Canadian lover at heart as my Husband was from Canada and when he joined the US Navy at age 18 he was stationed in San Diego and we met a a party given by an older brother, of a friend of mine and I was 18 also, just out of High School and we crashed the party and he was there on a weekend furlough, we met and 6 months later were married and for 20 years until he passed away. He was the love of my life and if you get a chance to go back to visit my blog you can find him under a Memorial Day tribute. XOXO to another Canadian!

  25. How amazing! I know you will enjoy it! We are all so envious! ♥

  26. Oh, what a great find!

    Thank you for visiting my blog and leaving such a lovely comment about my bears and mohair and work space. So glad you could stop by!

    ~Debora, New Avenue Crew


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