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Thursday, June 10, 2010

finished design - I think

Above is the outside front (still toying with adding a decorative button or something to make it look a little more interesting.  Below is the back....

This will hold my cell phone quite nicely and be easy access.
This is the inside.  The upper flap covers the credit card holder with room for at least nine cards.  The rounded 'thing' is a change holder.  Bills would go in behind the credit card holder section.
Here I'm holding the coin area up so you can see the cheque book holder underneath.  There's also another area behind that for more bills (HAH - as if!!).

What do you think?

edited to add...that Doreen is a winner!  Because she noticed the countdown and commented, she will be receiving a wee prize in the mail.   Don't the rest of you wish you'd said something now?? 


  1. I hope so MA because I am eager to find out what is happening.

  2. Love it, and yes, I would add a button or an embroidery applique to the front for just a bit of pizazz!
    You did a great job with the binding----I am duly impressed and bowing before the computer! I always screw that up......bigtime....


    Vert Word: Supya
    "Hey that's a *supya* job ya did on the sewing!"

  3. It looks like you've covered all options with the purse. Will you be putting up a pattern or tutorial?

  4. Congratulations to Doreen. I do love the wallet and it's so nice when something is customized to your needs. I agree that it could use a bit of something on the front.

  5. I see you are much more adept at constructing cases for things than I am!
    I'm only interested in doing the decorative bit and the construction just about holds up!
    I must tell yoiu what a vanilla slice is..its a rectangular 'cake' about 4inches long by two inches wide consisting of two slices of flaky pastry filled to about an inch high with thick vanilla custard and topped with icing.(frosting?)Perfect for the diabetic who is trying to lose weight!!!(Hah! Your word for verification is 'redump'. No comment)

  6. Just catching up on your blog, Magpie - you've been busy! This denim/floral wallet is really gorgeous - very functional by the look of it.


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