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Friday, June 11, 2010



Now you know why there was a countdown going on!
Who knew I had enough to mumble about to get to one thousand posts?  Well, my family knew, but I was really trying to keep it a secret from the rest of the world. honour of the occasion....there will be a giveaway.  Doreen won a wee prize for commenting about wondering what I was counting down to, but there is another prize too!  You will have to do a little bit of work for it though....

You will need to answer the following question in the comment section of this post only - "If you had a week of time with no housework, commitments, or family to deal with - what would you do?"    Leave me a comment, answer the question, and your name will go in the draw.  But remember, answer only on this post.  Draw closes Monday June 14.
What might you win?  Well - let me see - how about a copy of 'The Crafter's Devotional - 365 Days of Tips, Tricks, and Techniques for Unlocking Your Creative Spirit' by Barbara R. Call?  There's more going in the package - maybe some stash enhancement for you or maybe a piece of art from me or - -????

Please help me celebrate my long-windedness by entering to win!  Good luck!!!


  1. If I had one week, I would be in the studio nonstop. I would be able to make enough art to catch up on friends who still have not had a piece as a gift or as a blog award. And I might get enough made to even open an Etsy shop....or get a book started......all the things I want to do and no time!
    And I would be sure I had died and gone to heaven...... :)

    Congrats on the milestone!!!


  2. First, Your Iris are amazing. I love purple any flower.

    1000 posts is amazing too!

    Me time..what I cry for..I would most likely be at my sewing machine and my bead table.

  3. Of course, I'd quilt but maybe I'd also work in some shopping time in a really good quilt store. That is assuming a few thousand dollars to go with the week off.

  4. Well, I have to say MA, I had been wondering what it was and thought it may be some milestone but OMG 1000 posts is amazing. Congrats!
    I already have that book, and love it BTW. But I am commenting and hope to win something anyway. :D

  5. No question - I'd be off to Italy to do some workshops with Maggie Grey et al. In fact, perhaps I should do that anyway!! Wanna come??

  6. I would be at my friends B&B taking workshops and just relaxing. It's very artsy up there in that area, so I would have music, art and all the beautiful things I love! Had to think on it awhile before I answered this one.

  7. I am trying to make sure I have several of those this summer! I am going to spend one learning EQ7, one trying new dyeing techniques and one working on finishing up some projects. At least, that's the plan!

  8. I know that I have already won something but I am going to comment anyway.
    What would I do-well-the obvious answer is I would work away in my own messy craft room but- I do that anyway so my answer will be I would do nothing different except I would stay up late because that is when I do my best work and then I would sleep during the day.
    How's that for an answer.

  9. Art, art, art, art, art and more art....I might take time out for a chocolate break and a walk in the park.

  10. WOW congratulations on you 1,000th post. I guess I must have joined in about 1/2 way or more along.

    I would spend my week exactly as I do now. Dithering along - probably spend more time reading all the posts I have missed without feeling guilty about it. Why I feel guilty I have no idea.

    I would go back to the beginning of yours and see what all I missed.



  11. what would i do with a week to myself - probably worry about how best to spend it and before i knew it - poof, it would be gone!! cheers,k.

  12. Well congratulations! That sure is a heck of a lot of posts.
    What would I do with a week? Go sew either some item of clothing for me or a spontaneous small quilt or make one of the dolls I have been meaning to make.
    What would you do?

  13. Hi MA. I'm gonna assume I also had all the money I needed to do what I want to... So I'd go to a doll or journaling workshop (or 2) and I'd pay for all the Cool-Ab artists (and their dolls) to come, too. The workshops would have to be held in scenic areas where we could take nature walks and stuff. Maybe in Autumn so we could have a cozy fire in our cottage or cabin at nite. Sigh. Will I ever win the lottery??

    Congrats on 1000 posts!


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