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Wednesday, June 09, 2010

dolls - of the little sort

The theme this month for the Decidedly Different Doll Doll Group was May flowers and above is a photo of the beautiful wee doll I received from Stacie.  There is an incredible amount of beading on her and I`m totally thrilled with her.  Thank you Stacie!

Below is the doll I made for Stacie....

Stacie and I also did a small swap of atcs and above you can see the first ones she has ever made.   I think I`m pretty lucky to get her first efforts!  She also included a pkg. of bead soup which she knew my magpie leanings would delight in.  Be sure to enlarge the picture so you can see them - I especially like the rusty coloured ones.
Thanks Stacie!


  1. OMGosh.....That doll face must be tiny considering the size of the beads!!!
    Love yours too, with all the little flowers.... :)
    A good day all around!


    Vert Word: lahzor
    "Dahling, I went in to the spa and they *lahzor*ed alll the hair off my legs....."

  2. How utterly sweet those wee dolls are! Love the work on both.


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