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Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Thank you

Look at what came in the mail today from my friend Arlee. After what happened yesterday, I was so happy to have something else to think about and this was a great diversion! Arlee always sends me a box full of inspiration and this was certainly packed full of eye candy and fun treats. The picture above shows just some of the little bits of fabrics and embellishments.

This picture (above) shows some more...there's a package of texture plates, some totally decadent embroidery floss (in fave). The 'shoe' has a notepad inside. There's buttons, and, see those little red hearts?...they're textured!
This is the best of the best...there's a wonderful box (in the upper left corner) that appears to be made of bamboo. There's one of the robot ornaments that were in Arlee's floral store at Christmas (I had fallen in total like with hers and she obviously knew it!); there's coffee (yum); and a piece of fabric that is printed with one of her designs (the heart). There's one of those lovely books (which will be turned into an art journal) AND that wonderful round glass bottle/ornie that is absolutely beautiful.

I'm wearing the pretty cuff she made for me and forgot to take it off for a picture...I'll do that tomorrow. Thank you SO much and the powers-that-be aligned to bring me something special when I needed it most.

Another big thank you needs to go out to all of you that have left such uplifting comments, both here and privately, about our loss of Odin. It's so nice to know people care and it helped so much to read them all. Thank you.

Most of you know that he has had an ongoing problem with glaucoma and had lost one eye last January. He had another bout of it in his remaining eye last October. We managed to get it under control and have kept it that way until this week. We got up Tuesday morning to find he had totally gone blind. The decision was made to put him to sleep so he would no longer be in pain. We loved him, but couldn't keep him with us. He's in a better place - we have to believe that.


  1. as you know, sending luvs

  2. My condolences for the loss of your beloved pet. Making that decision and carrying through is hard, but it's one made with love. The hard part of having pets is their short life span.

    The goody package from Arlee is full of yummies. Lucky you.

  3. You are so lucky to have a special friend like Arlee and the kindred spirit knows when to surface.

  4. Wow, what a great bunch of goodies! Love that little robot. Where does Arlee find all this cool stuff?

    So glad something fun came your way now when you really need it, MA.

  5. Wow, Arlee was very generous. Isn't that nice. It came at a good time didn't it.

  6. Oh I'm so sorry to hear about your Odin. Thank goodness for friends who send comfort packages to help you through your grief.


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