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Friday, January 08, 2010

Not the brightest pickle in the barrel

This is one of those sagas where you are free to laugh and mutter such things as 'stupid idiot' under your breath (or right out loud if you are so inclined). I won't be the least bit offended.

Setting: A new bed frame. You know the kind...all metal and sporting casters on the bottom. A metal can on the floor beside DH's side of the bed which holds his loose change. MA (me) in bed first.

Plot: Bed has walked across the floor and is now snuggled up to aforementioned metal can. Any movement in said bed causes metal can to rattle most alarmingly. MA, in the bed, could not move without triggering the rattle.

So....MA, being of not so sound mind and quite obviously lacking in wits, decided that...instead of getting OUT of bed and moving would be a brilliant idea to perform some sort of contortion act and leap upwards IN the bed whilst simultaneously yanking said bed sideways.

Not one of the brightest moves of my life.

Ending: Back now comes complete with pain patch; shares have been purchased in the pain pill company and DH has ample reason to mock me.

Curtain closed.
(You may laugh now)


  1. NARF--except for the pain part--i hate those beds, sleep on the floor! feel better~

  2. OMG, that sounds so so painful. Hope you're feeling pain free with all the meds. I did NOT laugh, BTW.

  3. oof! It is even worse when there is no one to blame but oneself. (Of course not many people keep a can under the bed!)

  4. Wouldn't everyone do the same thing.
    It's 4.30 in the morning and I'm too tired to laught.
    The verification word for this post is "ertin" how uncanny is that.

  5. ROFLMAO!!!! Because, yes, that is an *Anne-Trick*!
    I have done so many body breaking assinine things in an effort to "save movement or time" and ended up hurting myself badly.
    Like after the tornadic thunderstorm passed thru and I went out to move a TREE that came down BY MYSELF in a pair of old Chuck Taylors with no grip left on the soles (i.e. slick), pulled the tree and the next thing I knew, I was flat on my butt on the ground, no wind in me, wondering where in the *H* I was!!!
    Got up, and started over!
    Welcome to the club! :)


    P.S. get some of that cheap rubbery shelf lining that is textured, cut four little circle and put under the casters. No, have DH do it.

  6. LOL I'm so sorry you got hurt MA LOL I'm not laughing because you got hurt LOL but that is so funny the way you described it LOL I can laugh because I can relate LOL been there LOL done those kinds of things too LOL Hope you feel better soon LOL LOL LOL

  7. Poor MA! Definitely sounds like something I'd do. I'm one of those folks who tries to take all the bags of groceries in at once, and then falls UP the steps and drops everything. Hope you got some good pain meds...

  8. Oh no. Mary Anne you should have just moved the can...but of course you know that. Try some heat rub on your back works for me usually but that sounds like the kind of back injury I got when I was leaning out of the bedroom window emptying water from the bay window roof well below with a hurt me for 11 weeks exactly.Hope yours is better soon.

  9. Anonymous8:19 PM

    Too funny! I know that moment when you realize Nope this ain't going to end well! been there hurt that. Love the way you told us about it. Had me giggling and sorry about the pain.

  10. Don't you think we can just blame Jack for this? Tell him to be like other men who leave their change in their pockets of their pants, sweaters, coats, jeans, etc. and end up in the washing machine.

    All kidding aside. When Harv had a fall last year he had to wear the pain patches, pills, etc. and I know he was in terrible pain. You are putting a bright smile on it. Hope it heals quickly so you can get your life back.

    Extra Hugs



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