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Thursday, January 14, 2010

Final 2 journal pages for Camille

Above are the final two pages I completed today for Camille's journal. On the left is my 'Matisse' which I journaled over... "In Tahiti I painted whilst I mourned the loss of my Great Romance". To the right is a dimensional page I made which is closed using two pieces of ribbon. Below is the page opened up for you to see.
The words there say: " I made tapa cloth and then I danced the tamure under the fetias (stars), wearing my grass skirt and my black pearls with a hibiscus tiare (flower) in my hair". You can see the miniature tapa cloth, some hibiscus flowers (deconstructed paper roses!), and her string of black pearls. The whole thing is mounted on a piece of 'stuff' that looks rather like grass to signify her dancing skirt. The 'cover' of this part is a piece of wrapping paper with a map of the world (to represent her travels). Hope you like it Robyn!


  1. Lovely! So creative and has that feeling of Matisse!!!
    You did great!!! :)


  2. Love the ingenuity. Also enjoying the education in foreign languages and customs.

  3. Camille is really looking wonderful and your journal pages are wonderful too. I love the last one you did. Great job!


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